Simple Ways To Prep Your Home For Summer

May 13, 2018


We know, spring just arrived, but before you know it, summer will be surrounding us with all of the sun and heat we've been waiting for this long and cold window. We came up with a check list to help you begin your summer ready home journey.






Service Your AC - There is nothing worse than when it's 90 degrees out and your air conditioning stops working. :( It's best to get it services while you can still leave your windows open in the spring. Be sure to stay on top of your own maintenance by changing the filters every three months and be sure the area around your unit is kept clean.


Replace Smoke Detector Batteries - It may sound super simple, but it's often over looked. It takes 5 seconds to change the batteries in your smoke detector and you'll be glad you did. Safety first!!


Clean Behind Your Appliances - This is something that falls nicely in your spring cleaning list. A year's worth of disgusting and gross things have been collecting behind the appliances that no one moves all year.


Upgrade Your Thermostat - Replacing your old thermostat with a new 'smart' model will do more than just save you money. It's also a selling feature that offers you many features, like controlling it from your cellphone.


Repot Houseplants - This is the time of the year when your plants really start to grow. It is best to put them in fresh potting mix when they are active. It gives you time to remove debris and move them into the correct location for sunlight.






Patch Your Lawn - If you wait too long to plant new seeds or sod you'll have weeds happily taking its place. Remove the weeds as soon as possible.


Inspect Gutters and Downspouts - No matter what season it is, the last thing you want is for your gutters to be full of leaves and debris. Seal any gaps with silicone caulk and remove any obstructions at the base of the downspout.


Get Your Lawn Equipment Up and Running - If you don't pay for a landscaper, now is the time to make sure that all of your equipment works so you can stay on top of the appearance of your lawn! Give everything a good cleaning and tune up.


Clean Your Grill - You should stay on top of it after every use to prevent flare-ups, but if you don't, now is the time to start clean. Be sure to clean the grills, stock up on charcoal or get a new tank of propane.




Now it's time to kick back, relax and enjoy summer!!!


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