What To Look For When Rehabbing An Older Home

April 25, 2018


There will always be a need for extra eyes when rehabbing a home, but there are certain things to keep in mind when rehabbing an older home. We are here to help you out!




Remember, that when older homes were built, they weren't designed for 50 inch flat screen TVs to be mounted on a wall. You definitely want to consider creating more of an open floor plan by knocking down a few walls that way everything doesn't feel so blocked off. If you keep an older style of home, most new buyers will not be interested. 




Not only were these houses not designed for modern technology, they weren't designed to plug all of our gadgets in. You'll need some seriously electrical work to make sure everything is up to code. This goes for every room of the house!




An older home will lack closet space and we all know that today everyone has a shoe and clothing collection that needs to be stored properly.  You really want to think about adding this space in. Most potential buyers will walk right out of this is lacking. Also, a master bathroom is almost a must on a new home check list.




People today don't want their washer and dryer in the kitchen or in a random place in their home. This is a major consideration when you are rehabbing a property. People don't want to walk down into the basement to do their laundry. Now is the time to make a dedicated place for the laundry room.




Make sure the home is energy efficient. People are either trying to save the planet or save money. An older home was not designed to do either. It's a big selling point. Be sure to seal up all cracks so air and water can't enter. Storm windows are an awesome selling feature. Keeping the cost down of every day life is a concern of the current world buyer.  Don't hurt your sale by cutting corners.


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