8 Places In the United States That Will Pay You To Move

January 15, 2018

Are you thinking about moving out of state and starting somewhere new? We have a list of 8 places that will offer you land, programs or assistance for home buyers.


Curtis, Nebraska: If you're looking to build your home from the ground up, Curtis might just be your town.  If you Construct your single family home in a specified time period, Nebraska will give you the land it sits on for free!


Marne, Iowa: Just a little under an hour east of Omaha, Marne offers a similar offer. All you have to do is build a house that's at least 1,200 square feet and the land is yours for free. Not a bad deal at all.


Harmony, Minnesota:  Not only does this town have a beautiful name, but it offers you a cash rebate for building new construction.  These rebates range from $5,000 - $12,000 and there are no restrictions on the applicant.


Baltimore, Maryland:  We beat you wouldn't have thought that such a popular city would offer you something to move here. Well, you're right. They offer you two incentives! If you buys a house in Baltimore they will offer you a $5,000 forgivable loan. If you are going for a distressed (or formerly distressed property) The Vacants to Value Booster program offers you $10,000 towards your down payment.


New Haven, Connecticut: The City of New Haven has a suite of programs totaling up to $80,000 for new homeowners. This includes a $10,000 forgivable five year loan to first time buyers, $30,000 renovation assistance AND up to $40,000 for college tuition.  Seems like a good move if you're thinking about starting a family.


Alaska: Yup, the state of Alaska. The state offers an interest rate-reduction program for those financing new or existing energy-efficient homes or improvements. Alaska also offers incentives for veterans and live-in caretakers of physically- or mentally-disabled residents. They even have a manufactured home program and a rural owner-occupied loan program. All this money you can buy a warmer jacket.


Colorado: We can think of one great perk for moving to Colorado, but there are home buying perks as well. The state of Colorado assist with down payments and low interest rates, but the state also has a disability program that helps first-time buyers who have a permanent disability finance their home. The state also has a down payment assistance grant that provides recipients with funds up to 4 percent of their first mortgage, which doesn’t require repayment.


and Finally..........


Wyoming:  The state offers programs like the Wyoming Rehabilitation & Acquisition Program, which takes homes that have been foreclosed on or abandoned and puts them back on the market for households with low incomes after they’ve been rehabbed. Wyoming offers another rehab program that allows for older homes to be “spruced up” if they need more than $15,000 worth of repairs.


Happy moving!






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